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Working Through Infidelity

Infidelity is a crushing experience touching the deepest parts within ourselves and our relationships. Learning that our partner is or has been unfaithful unleashes unfathomable pain as well as emotional uncertainty typically not found in other relational problems. The distrust which ensues and the experience of the loss of emotional and sexual oneness, vowed or implied, generally leads to crisis and trauma felt not only towards your relationship but often towards yourself. It's as though: "I don't know you, I don't know myself and I am not sure of anything anymore. How could you..." Many couples finds themselves fighting and arguing in horrible ways, begin to reconnect emotionally and sexually only to then start the cycle all over again!  Normal people can feel they are going crazy! 

It is important to realize that, despite these truths, your relationship can survive and be revitalized. This is possible when the work necessary for repair is understood, deeply felt and practiced by the offending partner and often the hurt one too. Many couples who face this challenge and want their relationships to work are often stuck in one or more of the many common pitfalls couples fall into, often instinctively, in an awkward attempt to resolve this heartache. Proper guidance is essential to avoid deepening the pain which leads many towards prematurely ending their relationships, often unnecessarily.