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Should I Attend Without My Partner?
Often one partner in a troubled relationship is not willing or ready to enter couples therapy or perhaps has or is going to leave the relationship.  In this circumstance, I help the partner willing to attend - and who wants to save the relationship - avoid the mistakes so common to their predicament.  These mistakes often serve only to drive the distancing partner faster away, leading to increasing heartache and desparation for the one wanting the relationship to work.

In addition, sometimes a partner is contemplating the viability of the relationship and wants or needs to examine it in privacy before deciding whether to ask the partner to join for couples therapy.  Such a person may be thinking: "Is it really that bad?..." or, "am I really thinking this through?..." or, "all my friends and family are saying that I..."  Confusion and contradicting feelings often leave this person feeling stuck, anxious and sad.  In this situation I help clarify the issues, realities and feelings the person is facing.

For people experiencing either scenario I typically schedule a 60-90 minute initial session and assist in determining what is necessary beyond that according to their need.