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Services That Help

The most helpful therapeutic technique for relationships in crisis is an intensive therapeutic experience, in which I will quickly assess the often complex issues the couple is facing as well as address and help devise the appropriate steps for each to take to begin to save their relationship.  As such, I employ two initial service techniques:

1) A half day intensive couples session (three session hours).  Many couples schedule several of these within a short period of time to develop and sustain their progress,



2) An all day intensive couples session (six session hours, with a break for lunch on your own).  Couples who travel lengthy distances or who have demanding schedules generally prefer this method.

Follow-up sessions:  Future sessions, where appropriate, are typically ninety minutes in length. These are most helpful as the couple gains an understanding of one or both partner's contributions to their relationship dysfunction, while taking personal responsibility for repair.

In addition, I lead short term couples group therapy sessions which are enormously helpful to couples as they engage in heart felt dialogue, empathy and helpfulness to one another.  In this process, each couple, in turn and in established confidentiality, addresses their issues in an open session with me.  With each couple, I address their needs in the group setting and later ask for the group's input which is assuredly provided in loving, empathic tones. This technique helps everyone understand the struggles all couples face and the human complexities we all confront within our relationships.